The Low Road

Urban cycling quiz

1. Connecticut state statutes say that cyclists …
a. should remain on the sidewalks and shoulders
b. should always yield right-of-way to motor vehicles
c. have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of other vehicles
d. can ignore traffic lights and stop signs if the intersection is clear
e. a, b, and d

2. True or false? It is OK for cyclists to “take” the center of the roadway if they feel it is safer than the shoulder, even if cars behind have to slow down?

3. What percentage of bicycle fatalities occur in urban areas?
a. 11 percent
b. 33 percent
c. 66 percent
d. 88 percent

4. Seven hundred and eighty-four cyclists died in accidents in 2005. What percentage were not wearing helmets?
a. 23
b. 52
c. 86
d. 97

5. Cycling is an crucial part of therapy for people recovering from:
a. bubonic plague
b. torn anterior cruciate ligament
c. stroke
d. hangover



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