The Low Road



SLIDE 1: Gaelic, 10 (12) sec

For many, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade marks the unofficial start of the cycling season in New Haven.

SLIDE 2: Lonely cyclist, 6 (8) sec

The weather is starting to warm up, and cyclists can bypass the parking bans and blocked roads that infuriate many who arrive by car.

SLIDE 3: Len drinking, 5 (7) sec

Some parade-goers prefer not to drive to the parade so they can enjoy some traditional libations.

SLIDE 4: Onlooker, 5 (7) sec

It’s a time to see …

SLIDE 5: Wheelmen I, 5 (7) sec

… and be seen. These are members of The Wheelmen, a group dedicated to preserving — and riding — antique bicycles.

SLIDE 6: Wheelmen II, 5 (7) sec

SLIDE 7: Paul phone, 7 (9) sec

The guy at the fountain, talking on the phone is Paul. He’s telling a friend how he just broke his leg.

SLIDE 8: Paul leg, 7 (9) sec

If you look closely, you can see there’s something seriously wrong with his calf. He says he can feel the bones clicking against each other.

SLIDE 9: Paul & Ang, 8 (10) sec

But he’s not going to let a broken leg spoil the fun. He figures a few beers will dull the pain and help prevent blood clots before he gets to the doctor.

SLIDE 10: Parade

But for now, he’s not going anywhere.
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