The Low Road

“Hey, take my dirty hakama!” (revised)


Part VIII: No Concessions

Elm City Cycling’s Bill Kurtz says cyclists, particularly in congested urban areas, must assert themselves if they want to be taken into account.

“Society makes a thousand concessions to drivers: free parking, conveniently located gas stations with covered fillup areas, drive-through windows, etc., and almost none for people who bike.

“Most major roads don’t have bike lanes; most businesses and shopping centers don’t have bike racks or facilities for bike commuters.”

He noted that the supermarket where he shops has ignored his request for a bike rack, and that a popular greenway used by some cyclists during their commute is useless in winter because it’s not plowed.

“In my perfect world, a network of green highways would connect major cities and suburbs, paralleling the interstate highways, for example.

“Something that would be cheap and might make a big difference would be an awareness campaign: to increase safety, cycling needs to be part of the accepted backdrop of transportation life.”



Learn more about New Haven’s cyclists: “A Cycling Community is Born


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