The Low Road

A cycling community is born


Part IV: Gaining momentum

After that, developments came fast. The mayor appointed an aide, Mike Piscatelli, to meet regularly with local cyclists, forming a group called the “Go-alition” that retains loose ties to Elm City Cycling.

Plans were quickly drawn up to add bike lanes on both sides of Orange Street, and they were painted in when the road was repaved. Meanwhile, with input from the cyclists, the city released a map showing bike routes in the city. Members also successfully lobbied Connecticut Transit to install bike racks on all city buses.

With the mayor’s office thus engaged with the Go-alition, Elm City Cycling focused on projects to increase the group’s profile and engage the public. Group members organized a bike jamboree, and set up themed bike tours during the city’s annual International Festival of Arts and Ideas, as well as the City-Wide Open Studios art festival in the fall.

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