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Rolling along
March 20, 2007, 8:36 pm
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This guy straps a cam on his bike and then blogs his daily commute in the congested San Francisco Bay Area. Meanwhile, Bike Summer 2007 in New Haven, which some cognoscenti privately dismissed as a pipe dream not long ago, is starting to take shape. Elm City Cycling gives us a planning update.

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Yes, BikeSummer is coming. Repent, non-believers. More information will be available soon at In the meantime, any artists or designers interested in creating a logo to be used to promote this celebration of bicycle culture, email me at mrwkurtz at america online dot com (you know the proper abbreviations but the spambots don’t) for more information.

Comment by CaptainKickstand

Thanks for the link.

So, how’d the knee surgery go?

Comment by Fritz

Well, I still have my leg, and after six days it no longer feels like a big, painful Serrano ham hanging off my hip. With any luck, I’ll be rolling again in a few weeks.

Enjoy your blog.

Comment by anyworld


My wife tore up her knee in a fall while snow skiing a couple of years back. She’s able to walk and all, but skiing is definitely out for her now.

Comment by Fritz

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