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March 9, 2007, 12:11 pm
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I’m scheduled for surgery on Thursday, March 15 to have my ACL reconstructed. This will be followed by a recovery period of about six months. I don’t mind being cut up, but I’m not looking forward to being a gimp for months on end (although I should be able to resume cycling in some form after a couple of months). So I was hoping I might coax some cyclists who’ve been through this before to post and tell me how they incorporated cycling into their recovery.

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If you want good advice check out Dr Keith Overland in Norwak. He is a certified chiropractic sports physician and has worked with Olympic cyclists and skaters as well as other professional athletes. His website is and office number is 203 838-9795
Good luck

Comment by Dave

I had the surgery back in 1990. During the PT I rode a stationary bike. This was before I really rode other than on vacation. So I am sure that it could easily be included in your PT routine. New Haven is such a great city you know you can make routes that will be right for your progress.
Life will be much better once you get this done.

Comment by David

hey man,
that sucks, i’m sorry to hear it! quick recovery & i hope you are back on two wheels soon.

Comment by Streever

it’s been a month–where is that knee at??? tell me you’ll be able to ride ins ome of the Tour rides this summer! I got a tandem.

Man, the multi-part on cycling in the city is pretty sweet–nice work!

Comment by Streever

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