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Very short cycling season
February 26, 2007, 11:56 pm
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Credit once again goes to Bruce, this time for coining the term, “kungFUBAR.” Thank you dear friends for your sympathy when I needed it most.


Peter Barteloni M.D.
226 Mill Hill Ave.
Brigeport, CT 06610

MRI – Knee w/o – 73721 – Right

CLINICAL DATA: Edward Crowder is a 36-year-old male with right knee pain. Injury on 2/17/07. No prior related surgery. Clinical concern of a meniscal tear.

FINDINGS: MR images of the right knee show a moderate sized effusion.

There is abnormal signal within the anterior horn of the lateral meniscus appearing primarily as globular type of signal abnormality, but probably with a tear extending to the superior articular surface of the meniscus. The medial meniscus appears normal.

There is a tear in the proximal fibers in the anterior cruciate ligament with associated bone bruises in the posterior aspect of the lateral tibial plateau and mid portion of the lateral femoral condyle. This pattern of bone bruises is often seen in association with recent ACL injury. No bone bruises are seen in the lateral joint compartment. The posterior cruciate ligament and collateral ligaments appear intact. No discrete articular cartilage defect is seen.

A small amount of fluid is noted within the poplitear bursa with some fluid extending caudally over the medial head of the gastrocnemius.

1. Anterior cruciate ligament tear with associated bone bruises in the lateral joint compartment.
2. Abnormal signal in the anterior horn of the lateral meniscus which may represent either a meniscal contusion, tear or a combination of both.
3. Right knee effusion and small popliteal cyst, with some fluid leaking caudally over the surface of the medial head of the gastrocnemius.

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OK — where’s my credit for suggesting this as a blog item? Huh? HuH?

Comment by Dieter

Plus, I’ve always suspected that Ed had a moderate sized effusion.

Comment by Dieter

OK, Dieter, you get credit for suggesting this. As for my effusion, just remember, it’s not the size that counts.

Comment by anyworld

heard about your knee — hope
you can make it out one more
time to the city before your
surgery. otherwise, i will push
your wheel chair while you
hold your nephew.

Comment by Nanay

hi anyworld!
How did the surgery go? Hope you are out of the land of wonder (anaesthesia wear off yet?).

Comment by icm501

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